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Redesigning Portugal's postal service.

CTT is one of the most iconic brands in Portugal, with vast assets that have kept up with the run of time.

CTT have a wide range of services in addition to the post office – as for example meuSelo, meuPostal, Delivery tracking, SIGA request, Tolls payment, Ticketline. We designed an app that gather all this tools in just on place.

  • Scope
    UX Design
    UI Design
    Front-end development
  • Challenge

    Crafting a unified experience

    Create an single app that combines all CTT services available in their website.


    Balancing aesthetics with usability

    A simple and intuitive interface that preserves the brand identity and content representation across different platform.

Unified design and workflow

CTT app unifies all CTT services in one simple & productive interface, allowing users to quickly access and switch between services. Locate orders and correspondence, check toll debts or buying a ticket to a show is now just a tap away!

The application features:

  • — Postal Codes
  • — Deliveries
  • — CTT Points
  • — Ticketline
  • — SIGA Request
  • — Tolls
  • — meuselo
  • — meupostal
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Turn any image into a postcard or a stamp

Meuselo and meupostal allow users to create customized stamps and postcards using their own photos or choosing from the CTT gallery.

In four logical and intuitive steps, users may combine any image with a personal message, zoom in, crop, experiment different filters, choose from a variety of fonts and adjust their weights. And at the end CTT will deliver them to the recipients.

  1. Pick an image
  2. Edit photo(s)
  3. Add message and sender / recipient details
  4. Order
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Affordances & Signifiers

Our core task was to organize and display all the features so that everyone could intuitively create the postcards/stamps. Thus, we stick to what is already familiar to users.

We kept the image editor as close as possible to the native editors and designed a realistic visual representation of the postcard/stamp (front/back) where each area to be filled is properly marked and can easily be edited with a touch.

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Buy tickets for shows with all the convenience

Ticketline covers a wide variety of events - from concerts and theatre to festivals and family events. We wanted to provide users with a complete overview of this variety in a first glance, facilitate the search process for a specific event and then provide them with a perfect checkout experience.

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One of the main challenges we faced was that the same event could have multiple dates, more than one session per day and take place in several different locations.

That said, in order to keep the buying process as easy as possible we have designed a set of modules that can easily be reused for different events to add dates, sessions and extra locations.

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