We’re telling our story through what we create.

And we’ll keep on doing it until we see the world how it’s supposed to be.

Major studio team

Here's the thing

At Major, making a forward-looking, social impact on the world around us is serious business. We want to make it effortless for people to have great, meaningful experiences that empower their lives, online and offline.

Our vision is clear-cut: to create a positive impact in people’s lives through powerful design experiences.

but cherry-picked

Our team is small, but purpose-driven and always ready to solve intricate challenges and tell great stories. Don’t get us wrong: size matters, and that’s where we thrive.

  • Team member Leihla Team member Leihla

    Leihla Pinho — Founder & Director

    Enthusiastic and determined, Leihla has a keen eye for detail and distinct grasp of the big picture making her the motivational, people-oriented leader that can move mountains and get things done.

  • Team member Tânia Team member Tânia

    Tânia Pires — Designer

    Badass and sweet as Frida-Kahlo. Tânia spends her free time day-dreaming about a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia.

  • Team member Gonçalo Team member Gonçalo

    Gonçalo Páscoa — Designer

    An outspoken glitterati, Gonçalo is passionate about everything design. A perfectionist at his core, he brings sassiness to the workplace as he delivers flawless work.

  • Team member Carlos Team member Carlos

    Carlos Alves — Designer

    Passionate about beauty and architecture, Carlos knows how to use his attention to detail and logical thinking to do what he does best: create. A team player who’s always ready to learn, his plan-making skills are his ultimate fixation.

  • Team member Fernanda Team member Fernanda

    Fernanda Pinho — Finance & Operations

What makes us tick

  • Research and Strategy illustration Research and Strategy illustration
    & Strategy
    We'll sit together until we find the right strategy. That means we'll ask and listen. A lot.
  • UX Design illustration Research and Strategy illustration
    User Experience
    User experience is not linear. We’ll try and design different approaches until we reach a coherent, effortless experience.
  • UI design illustration Research and Strategy illustration
    User Interface
    Want to give your product a fresh face? We got you. We create wholesome design systems that match your product personality.
  • Frontend and Development illustration Research and Strategy illustration
    & Development
    Sometimes, the actual implemented experience doesn’t match the prototypes. Sounds familiar? We’ll make sure everything works together and that you’re happy with the end result.
Major process illustration

Better together

We'll work in close collaboration. We don't believe in big reveals and we design in the open until we get it right. Your goals are our goals.